What is the best way to store recipes on an iPad or mac?



Pegeen December 31, 2013
Another vote for Evernote. Here's a useful article describing its multi-platform abilities, "An App That Will Never Forget a File," NY Times, 12/11/13. If the link below doesn't work, just go to the Nytimes.com home page and type Evernote in the search box.

Evernote is a general organizer. As people mention above, if you want extra features like shopping or ingredient lists, you'll need to use a cooking-specific app.
Lucia F. December 31, 2013
Pepperplate or Pinterest. You have access on all platforms. ipad, android phone...
Laurelb December 30, 2013
I love Paprika. It's synced across my Mac, iPad and iPhone so I have all my recipes when I shop.
sdebrango October 11, 2011
Like JessicaBakes I use evernote. I don't have an ipad yet (soon I hope) but on my mac I have all my recipes stored on evernote. Its so easy to use and so easily accessible.
moka October 11, 2011
For your iPad, there's an app called My Recipe Book, and it's wonderful! It costs $2.99, and it's worth every penny. I use it regularly. It also backs up all of your recipes on your Mac; how awesome is that? You can manually enter recipes as well as download most web-based recipe formats.
bistro_gal October 11, 2011
The Paprika app is the best way to store recipes on an iPad, hands down. You retrieve a web recipe you like, click on save recipe button within the app and it downloads it for you. I love, love, love it and I am no longer loosing nice recipes that I thought of saving but never got a chance to do so. Prior to that I was using the www.tastebook.com webpage, but Paprika is so much better! Check it out!
ChefJune October 11, 2011
I don't have an iPad yet, but I've been using a mac exclusively for years. My recipe files are all in Word.
JessicaBakes October 11, 2011
I love evernote. Easy to access on ipad, iphone and mac, easy to edit, easy to add and easy to tag. It's my go-to for everything from recipes to work...and it's free!
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