Why am I not receiving any notifications of FOOD52 Hotline answers?

I did not check the "Please don't email me" box. Thank you. ;o) P.S. I am using Chrome on a PC.



Merrill S. October 11, 2011
Thanks, we definitely appreciate it.
AntoniaJames October 11, 2011
Okay, no worries. Just thought you might like to know, and that others might also be wondering the same thing. ;o) P.S. I'm really curious about the new branding/logo, and specifically, the inconsistent capitalization (initial caps in some places, all lower in others, all caps in the headers and various other places . . . . rather unusual.)
Merrill S. October 11, 2011
We're looking into this, we promise! Please bear with us today -- as you can imagine, we're putting out fires left and right!
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