a question about profiles, community picks, fans, annonymous voting, and email replies

Hi guys, here's my list of stuff!! Apologizing in advance if it's freaking annoying!

1. under my profile, as much as I would like to be known as a 7-time winner, there seem to be duplicate winning recipes listed under the trophy thingy.

2. wow, this box is super tiny as I type...can we make it bigger?

3. How are community picks (which used to be known as editor's picks) identified now when you are viewing a particular CP/EP? It is not apparent.

4. Strange...my "fans" are mostly people I have never heard of before. Where did all my old fans go?

5. yesterday, I noticed in the live activity ticker to the right of the home page, someone's vote showed up non-anonymously. I thought we decided against that?

6. fyi, our recipe comment reply emails are now showing up in my inbox as sent by "[email protected]" whereas they used to come in as "[email protected]"

7. seriously, make this box bigger.

8. foodpickle (sorry, i will forever call it the foodpickle, but i get how you needed the change) email notifications are NOT being received.

9. The tags box below won't let me add another comma after the last word I type. Can you only add 5 tags? clearly, i like tags.

10. And lastly, than you all very much for your hard work on making this wonderful site even better. I know all the kinks will be smoothed out in no time.

11. ok, i lied, one more. must we type in "center" mode? what's wrong with left justified? just curious. ok, it's annoying. and thank you!!! Keep having fun!


Mrs. Larkin

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drbabs October 19, 2011
Oops I meant gmail.
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
And of course, I meant "if you are, that's where I'll send them." Don't we miss that edit function.
AntoniaJames October 19, 2011
fiveandspice, I changed my settings to have notifications sent to Gmail and it worked. I'd prefer to get them in my other email, because I can route mail directly into folders (helpful for time management), but at least I'm receiving them. I know the feeling, though. ;o)
drbabs October 19, 2011
I had to change my address to email to get notifications a long time ago-I created a dedicated email address just for Food52,
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
So Gmailers: are you getting notifications? If not, maybe that's where I'll send them.
fiveandspice October 19, 2011
I haven't received a single notification of anything either! And there's nothing in my spam. It feels amazingly bizarre and isolating!
Panfusine October 19, 2011
Followed a notification to this post, but, I'm not getting nearly as many notifications..Havent seen the cook spotlights, 'foodpicklers' (or shd that be 'hotliners') of the week, reciprocity, (I do hope these features will continue, We love them!) & new contests yet..
Niknud October 19, 2011
So sad, I'm not getting notifications of any sort - in junk mail or regular inbox. Sniffles!
BoulderGalinTokyo June 29, 2012
Still not getting.
susan G. June 29, 2012
BGT, at this point, try an email to [email protected]. (I think they've relaxed now.)
luvcookbooks October 19, 2011
miss food52 notifications, none since redesign
pierino October 13, 2011
No notifications here either since redesign kicked in.
Panfusine October 13, 2011
no food52 messages in my spam folder, but its a lot less than I used to get, kind of intermittent, something like an out of order telephone, Hey, this too shall pass, & I'm sure we'll eventually have posts starting with 'remember when...?' reminiscing about these teething pains. until then will miss the order in which we've grown accustomed to posts: Monday: Jenny's in the kitchen, Tuesday, foodpickler of the week, & cook spotlight, Wednesday cooking from every angle, thursday, the contest winners & EPs, Friday..the funny quotes & dinner & a movie..I do hope those formats will still be around
TheWimpyVegetarian October 13, 2011
And I must add that I feel like, being in California, that I'm living through the 1989 earthquake and trying to find ways to contact my family. I'm so happy to find this conversation here - I feel like I'm back in the 'hood again :-)
Bevi October 13, 2011
I have also had a hard time doing recipe searches. I reverted to googling recipes with "food52" posted before the recipe - if I can remember the name of the recipe, that is!
TheWimpyVegetarian October 13, 2011
One more thing to add to the list for me: when I do a recipe search, and even go so far as to type the full name of the recipe as a test, it pops me back to the main page for 'recipes'. I can't do a search. I was looking for my collard greens recipe tonight and something finally popped up that didn't even have any kind of greens in the recipe. I know you're all working overtime on all these issues, and sincerely appreciate it. But I thought I'd add this to the list since I didn't see it mentioned and you might not know.

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AntoniaJames October 13, 2011
I still haven't received a single notification since the redesign went live. I feel like I've been grounded with no phone privileges . . . . . ;o)
Amanda H. October 13, 2011
That's another new feature of the site. Now we can ground members and assign them chores! :) But seriously, sorry about this -- we're definitely working on this, and want to resolve it asap!
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
A part of me actually loves the not getting notifications. No worries, no responsibilities. Every answer that I do add, is "just a site experiment." Now, off I go to click and see the bread and chocolate recipe...............
Bevi October 12, 2011
All of the above!
Amanda H. October 12, 2011
Yep, working on all of it!
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
one more to add to the list: My above ginormous paragraph of questions was actually typed in with returns after each item, but they did not show up when the question was posted. Thank you kindly, guys!
boulangere October 12, 2011
I loved your questions, mrslarkin, as many of them were mine also, and posted them. Sometimes I receive notifications, sometimes not. Not sure which is why. It's a process and I'm sure we'll get there, but I'm not sure it needed to be this difficult. I have no idea where all my fans went. I treasured them. And the recipe search is presently very difficult and not at all intuitive without Peter's wonderful and precious instructions.
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
i think our fans will return. just need to give the programers time to fix the bugs is all. I'm starting to like the recipe search better. what about it is distressing you? Maybe i can help! Will be on the site intermittently for the next few days, but let me know, ok?
boulangere October 12, 2011
You're so kind mrslarkin. I'm much less concerned about fans of me than I am about those whom I've fanned. If cooks have vanished from me, I'm guessing I've vanished from others. Both are distressing, and both I've treasured.
Kristy M. October 13, 2011
boulangere, no one has actually vanished from anyone. mrslarkin was right when she said bugs just need to be worked out. hang in there, all of your cherished cooks will return.
TheWimpyVegetarian October 12, 2011
How wild. I just went back to my in box, and rechecked and suddenly my computer went "bing!" and they all showed up. In spam, but still, they showed up.
TheWimpyVegetarian October 12, 2011
I'm not getting any of my notifications either. I've checked my spam box and they're not there either. I guess it's possible that I haven't received any the last couple days, but that's a little unlikely as I comment on a number of recipes.
mainecook61 October 12, 2011
#4 is true for me too. The old fans have, sadly, disappeared. The profile page also lacks a "follow" button and the "what x has been up to" on the right of that page is a couple of days old, despite some recent posts. Hope you can help.
Amanda H. October 12, 2011
Thanks for your reports -- this is helpful. We stopped some of the activity feeds (and may do so again for a few days) while we work on some performance issues. They'll be back on once we get this worked out. Thanks for your patience.
Fairmount_market October 20, 2011
I just noticed the same issue #4 as well.
Merrill S. October 12, 2011
Thanks everyone, for your feedback -- it's all going on the ever-expanding list for consideration.
AntoniaJames October 12, 2011
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the center justification, and would appreciate that being corrected. It seems like a really easy fix. ;o)
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
just found my foodpickle notifications in my SPAM folder. Doh! So i can cross off my #8. yay!

I do not see the on/off box either, susan g.
susan G. October 12, 2011
Have your notifications come in yet? Mine have.
Did you notice that the address bar still says 'foodpickle'? Not gone, just hiding!
susan G. October 12, 2011
Checking my profile, I found these issues: 1. cooks following, only know one. 2. recipes I've saved -- no longer give name of cook, which is helpful in remembering what it is; date saved shown is really date the recipe was entered... and it previously was the actual date, which is also helpful to identify it. 3. the settings tab does not, as I stated in another answer, have the notifications on/off box.
Well, breathe, food52, all will be well again! We're sticking with you out here.
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