Orzo salad suggestions - not spicy, ideally & dairy free (a mix of picky guests and keeping kosher!) The food52 recipes don't have many orzo salads that fit that bill

  • Posted by: allie
  • October 27, 2010


woodrow October 31, 2010
Make Greek Orzo Salad... Just substitute Orzo for the lettuce and add the other ingredients and dressing. Its great warm or cold with or without chicken and you can alter it to any dietary restrictions necessary.
anyone October 28, 2010
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RavensFeast October 28, 2010
Make a pan sauce with good olive oil, anchovies (throw them in first to melt), blanched & sliced fennel, slivered garlic, pine nuts, golden raisins and s&p. Then toss this with the warm orzo and sprinkle some of the chopped fennel fronds atop.
Jon P. October 28, 2010
I'd get the best mushrooms I could find, sautee them together with onion or shallot and garlic in some good olive oil. At the end of the sauteeing, throw in a handful of chopped parsley and some bread crumbs to soak up the extra oil and brown nicely. Toss with the pasta, and you're in good shape.
mmsJack October 28, 2010
Its a bit of a cheat since it's a restaurant recipe, but this is a great recipe (I sautee the onion briefly: http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/977/J-Alexanders-Orzo-and-Wild-R94454.shtml
melissav October 28, 2010
Look at some of the israeli couscous recipes on this site (and there are a lot of very good ones). You could easily swap out the couscous for the orzo in those. At home, I use them interchangeably depending upon what I have in the pantry (adjusting the cooking time as necessary). Good luck.
pierino October 28, 2010
Unless you are surrounded by buckets of orzo you might also consider substituting israeli couscous---larger grain. But give it the same simply dressed treatment. Olive oil, and an herb at the core. And I do like the pine nuts too!. Of course I sneak anchovies into everything but ice cream. But I also make a "tabbouleh" using lots of parsley and mint and substituting couscous for the bulgar. That was a component of my lunch bag submission.
allie October 27, 2010
Betteirene, thanks! It looks great. I am serving roast chicken and tofu (one vegetarian guest, who is married to someone who doesn't like spicy things) & the recent food52 cauliflower winner -- I love this salad, but the cumin will make it a no-go for the spice-phobes. So, I'll make it another time and serve the NYT p, 325 salad this time. Thank you!
betteirene October 27, 2010
allie, I tried to congratulate you on your new title on the announcement page, but I couldn't log in there. So. . .Congratulations! I hope I can help you as much as you've helped me.

I found this salad a little while back when I was looking for some ideas for salads that didn't contain cheese. The lime juice gives it a bright flavor and it has bright colors, too.


What else will you be serving? I think the most difficult part of making an orzo salad is chopping the vegetables small enough so that the orzo doesn't get lost.
Kayb October 27, 2010
Diced carrots and other veggies (red and green bell pepper, red onion, diced cucumbers) with a miso-honey-ginger-sesame oil-rice vinegar dressing.
drbabs October 27, 2010
Page 325 of Amanda's new book: serve with toasted pine nuts, olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper and sprinkle fresh basil over it just before serving.
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