Where's the "edit this answer" option when you need it these days?

I'm sure even those who have English as their first language(not my case)make mistakes sometimes,and would like to still have a chance to fix those!And people change their minds all the time!Sorry to be another voice of disappointement,I did not hate it-but I certainly did not love it.I hope everyone sticks with it and try to get used to the changes. I will.



mensaque October 12, 2011
Thanks for the answers,I can understand how overwelming it must be...so many questions at the same time...
susan G. October 12, 2011
Editing definitely made a better site. When it comes back, could it also delete the post -- in light of the question duplication (triplication, quadrication?) that we're seeing?
Kristen M. October 12, 2011
Hi mensaque -- so sorry for the delay. The site was down for about 8 hours last night, so we missed some questions in the hustle to get it back up. Thank you for your patience as we settle in to the new site. And yes, editing Questions was a feature we recently added and hope to get going again soon!
francesca G. October 12, 2011
Hi! Staying afloat -- we hear you! We'll definitely put that on the list of things to consider improving, changing, fixing. Such is the nature of a soft launch and thanks a ton for your patience!
mensaque October 12, 2011
Good to see how appreciated we are...There was no one from the site willing to answer such a simple question?"Yes,we will put this option back on."or "No,it's gone.Sorry!".How hard would that be?
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