I just got a KichenAid pro 500 stand mixer where you raise and lower the bowl rather than a tilt-head.

Since I may not know how it should ideally work, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong not to have all my ingredients actually get mixed in: I know that I have the bowl locked in place and raised to the highest position, but the beater seems to miss the bottom of the bowl. Probably I should get that shield attachment to spare me all the bits flying out? Any advice for the complete novice?



petitbleu September 7, 2010
Sigh, even industrial stand mixers (we're talking 30-quart ones) don't get the bottom of the bowl. I usually just put on some gloves and mix thoroughly by hand. At home, try scraping down the bottom of the bowl really well. I don't have one of those nifty scrapers pictured above. That might be the final answer.
MrsWheelbarrow August 30, 2010
I've heard the spatula type beater blade can wear out the motor. Anyone else heard that? I use the towel over the mixer trick a la THirschfeld - works well enough. There's always a mess to clean up, tho.
thirschfeld August 26, 2010
I through a kitchen towel over the top that acts as a shield and I just tilt the bowl a little and then the attachments reach the bottom. This is a problem essentially with all stand mixers not just kitchen aids
Sagegreen August 19, 2010
Thanks for all these tips. They help!
drbabs August 19, 2010
Kitchen Aid makes a scraper that you can get from Amazon. I'm trying to attach the photo. I tend to do what mrslarkin and chezsuzanne do, and I don't have a shield either. (And my mixer is circa 1983!)
TheWimpyVegetarian August 19, 2010
I recently got the pro 500 too and have had the same issue. I've done what mrslarkin suggests, which works great. I've also lifted the bowl a bit and hold the bowl in place to make sure it gets the bottom. It's effective, particularly for whipping egg whites, but has some obvious drawbacks. On the shield attachment, I have it but haven't needed to use it . I adjust the speed of the mixer instead.
mrslarkin August 19, 2010
I run into the same problem sometimes with my ancient tilt-head kitchenaid. This is more common when I'm doubling or tripling a recipe. I stop and scrape the bowl with a long rubber spatula several times to make sure the way bottom gets mixed in. As for the flying bits, I don't have the shield attachment, so I initially pulse the mixer (on-off-on-off) for 30 seconds or so until it's safe.
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