Just bought some fuyu persimmons. I know that I can use them while still firm, unlike achiyas, but does the flavor change at all as they ripen? When is the best time to eat them?



healthierkitchen October 31, 2011
After this, I started to buy them by the case in season, so there seem to be some at every level of ripeness. Some for now and some for later. They are really nice cut into a salad while still firmer, during this time when tomatoes are not local.
Lizthechef October 31, 2011
I like mine soft because I make a rich bread that is almost a bread pudding - very moist.
healthierkitchen October 29, 2010
Thanks everyone. There are a couple that feel less than rock hard now so I think I will start wtih those and keep experimenting. Definitely don't want them to go over the line into rotten!
linzarella October 29, 2010
mr.ikslopot, Actually I've seen lots of the fuyu persimmons -- which you can eat underripe -- growing in California and other parts of the US.
mr.ikslopot October 29, 2010
Persimmons grown here in the U.S. are good when they look like they are bad. They taste like jam. If they look ripe they will shock your mouth with bitterness.
linzarella October 28, 2010
Depends on your preference. The flavor and the texture change quite a bit as they ripen, and they become much softer and slightly gelatinous, with a flavor and texture more similar to hachiyas. I myself prefer them when they are slightly under ripe, crisper and less sweet, more like apples, but I don't think there's any one "best" time to eat them.
Mr_Vittles October 28, 2010
As with most they will continue to sweeten as you allow them to ripen, but be warned of the fine line between ripe and rotten. I usually eat my persimmons when they are firm, but will give to slight pressure. Personal preference and experimentation are my suggestions.
healthierkitchen October 28, 2010
sorry, "hachiya."
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