Best way to use sorrel

I bought a bunch of sorrel yesterday at the Farmer's Market to try for the first time; what is the best way to prepare it to enjoy its unique flavor without masking it with other ingredients or changing the way it taste by overcooking it? Thanks!



SKK May 22, 2011
Sorrel is also wonderful with chicken. Or have sorrel with spinach and garlic. Great in egg based dishes as well as chard. Some say avoid salads and we happen to love it. Experiment and enjoy!
wvfoodies May 22, 2011
We substituted ramps for leeks in Cris Comerford's potato, leek, sorrel soup. We used a chinois to make it silky smooth. It was wonderful hot and cold.
lorigoldsby May 22, 2011
Love sorrel with potato soup! Can also use instead of or with watercress in oysters rockafeller
pierino May 22, 2011
Wonderful with salmon, but also with scallops. It really is a fish herb. BUT also good in a creamy potato soup.
SKK May 22, 2011
Sorrel pesto is great. Also the sorrel sauce above would be good over halibut. Chop some up and put it in your salad.
Kristen M. May 22, 2011
Here are a couple good, uncomplicated ways to show off the flavor of sorrel:
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