What is the smart way to order Small Plates in a restaurant?

How many? Is it rude to order just 2 and save room for dessert? Do you order an appetizer before them? Would you recommend small plates at all? Do they all come at once?

  • Posted by: HCR
  • October 12, 2011


ellenl October 26, 2011
Order what you want.
Sam1148 October 25, 2011
Tapas is super expensive around here..there's only one place that does tapas.
We usually just order a few appetizers...about 3 for 2 people.
Some of the better resturants don't mind if you ask them to split a main course into two portions.
When I go out to eat..most of the places have such huge portions it impossible to finish. So we mostly graze and sometimes visit a couple of resturants and sit at the bar and share an appetizer..and on to the next place.
skittle October 25, 2011
I love going for tapas.I think it's because you get a bit of everything.
Keep in mind they truly are small. I typically order 3-4...and that is good for a meal sized portion for me. I typically order things that I enjoy and encourage others that are with me to do the same. Sharing can get tricky based on size. For example, if you do scallops or something, you may only get 2 on a plate. Sure you can share them-just check with the server or order a few extra for the table.
One thing that I've learned is that if I'm ordering something I love-I definitely order extra....I hate to not get any!
If you want dessert, you'll have room. Again, the plates really are small.
Also, they tend to come out based on when they are prepared....not all together.
susan G. October 12, 2011
I just did that too. The answer is a bit slow to post, and I clicked again. Maybe you did too?
HCR October 25, 2011
Yep! Thanks for your answer. I had fun with the small plates.
HCR October 12, 2011
I'm so sorry this posted so many times for some reason!
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