Printing Recipes

Hi - have a question about the updated site: You used to be able to print out recipes. Has that feature gone away, or am I just missing it? I know you are working on fixing the sizing, but currently things are overlapping on the page and I am having trouble finding links etc.



AllisonGG October 13, 2011
Thanks Emily! I think its an issue for me since a lot of the text is overlapping other text and photos. Hopefully, once they correct that the print icon will reappear! Its actually your recipe for crispy potatoes that I want to print :)
susan G. October 13, 2011
I printed a recipe last night. I was happy to see that the print was a readable size, but bummed when it went over just 2 lines onto a 2nd page. Does the logo have to be so huge? I realize that this issue wouldn't come up if the head notes were shorter, or the ingredient list was shorter... all praise must be moderated.
EmilyC October 13, 2011
Hi Allison -- Look over on the left-hand side of the page where the stats are. At the bottom of that info, there are three icons -- the print function is in the middle. Hope that helps!
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