Recipe search on the new site design - can I search just for new recipes?

So I'm trying to look only for new and/or featured recipes, and I can't seem to do that anymore on the new site design. If I go to recipes it only brings up 3 featured things on "what we're cooking now", and then it takes me to all recipes, which I don't want. Similarly a search of the other options like "cake" or "salad" or whatever doesn't filter by newest. I'm not sure how your site filters recipes, but I'm guessing it's by popularity (?). But the problem is I've seen a lot of those recipes that come to the top the way the filters are currently configured, and didn't want to make them. While I'm sure the corn and buttermilk salad from 2011 is great, I still don't want to make it no matter how many times it shows up on the 1st page of "salads". Am I missing something?

Is the hotline even still the place for site questions? Generally not loving the lack of new recipes on the new site :(

Stephanie B.


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