Help! Since new site I STILL can't access 40 of my 50 stored recipes - why add them if I won't be able to retrieve them later????



AntoniaJames October 14, 2011
Oh I just realized that the question is about saved recipes, not recipes created by the user. My suggestion that you use a cook's name in the recipe search only works if you remember the cook. And of course, you won't get the whole list, to browse through, assuming that they were created by different cooks. ;o)
Bevi October 13, 2011
I have also been using the google search - my problem is I can't remember many of the recipe titles. I use a Mac, and vacillate between Safari and Chrome.
AntoniaJames October 13, 2011
Naomi, my workaround (which may or may not work for you, but is worth trying) is simply to put your (cook's) user name in the recipe search box in the upper right hand corner of any page, and click on the little magnifying glass to the right of it. I just tested it with my own, both using just my name, and using my name + an ingredient, and both times, seemed to have returned the correct results. Hoping this will work for you . . . . . ;o) P.S. An alternative would be to do a google search with food52 and the name of your recipe, in quotes, as your search terms. (I'm not sure that will work for you, but it was fairly effective for me yesterday.)
Peter October 13, 2011
Naomi, I assure you -- you'll be able to get your stored recipes. It's on our list of problems to solve. In the meantime, may I ask what browser you're using and whether that's for Mac or Windows?
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