Saved recipes?

Hello. I want to retrieve my recipes but there is a different home screen and I clicked in the left hand corner as usual and didn't see my name or saved recipes. Is there a new way to log-in? Help!

  • Posted by: Helga
  • July 14, 2013


valnsc July 14, 2013
Just checked myself and above answer is how to access saved recipes through Recipe Collections. Happy Baking.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 14, 2013
You actually appear to be logged in, since you were able to post this question - there was a recent redesign of the header and footer that might be tripping you up (Read more about it here: Now you'll want to head to the top right corner to get the drop-down menu, and one of the options is Recipe Collections. If that doesn't solve the problem, send us an email ([email protected]), and we'll help you sort it out!
JanetFL July 14, 2013
Hi - look to the far right at the very top. You'll see the "search" box and your profile picture should be to the right of that box. Click on the down arrow to see your profile, recipe collections, etc.
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