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When I've tried to post comments today, I keep ending up at the chocolate baguette page.



boulangere October 15, 2011
Last week's in on the home page, but never in the same spot. Everything seems to bounce around like tennis balls. Don't know where past ones are.
boulangere October 15, 2011
I'm wrong, gt9. If you go to the home page and click on Jenny's in the Kitchen, the current and past ones are there. At the moment, it's at the very bottom of the page, but for some reason, most of the content doesn't stay in the same place from visit to visit. It's rather confusing.
gt9 October 15, 2011
Change is never easy...I am wondering what happened to Jenny's Monday columns?
Niknud October 15, 2011
I second the thanks, Amanda. Must be super frustrating for you as well and I think we all acknowledge that there are growing pains. I remain hopeful that it will all work out well. I do miss the old site (like a really comfortable sweater that's been washed about a thousand times) but am excited about the new (like a new shiny pair of high heels that may pinch a bit but make me feel pretty).
susan G. October 14, 2011
"Dark days of dial-up" -- I made 2 big afghans while awaiting the birth of twin grandaughters while waiting for pages to load. Hmm, should I start a new project? As it is, I have a silly book here to read between loads. And have you seen the black veil yet? It was falling between steps as I tried to pose a question, hiding the main Hotline page. So, SW Rice Salad for lunch, thanks to your students and you, another food52 recipe for dinner -- good food takes the edge off!
boulangere October 14, 2011
Yes, I always have something on another screen I can work on between loads. Is this what ADD is like? Oh, so glad you like the salad! I'll let everyone know on Monday. First Night in Florence Spaghetti here. Yes, serious comfort food time.
Amanda H. October 15, 2011
We hear you -- and feel the same way. The site was super slow today due to a surge in traffic. Our developers worked like firemen putting out a brush fire, racing against the clock. Things should speed up by the end of the weekend (and hopefully before you have another afghan made!), as we'll be making some major structural changes over the weekend.
boulangere October 15, 2011
Thank you, Amanda.
susan G. October 15, 2011
Amanda, it's only Saturday and things are going so much better! Call this the lost weekend. No afghan, though. Thanks to all of you.
susan G. October 14, 2011
I have found that, at least on Hotline, the answer has been posted in spite of the appearance of chocolate. If it could be delivered, we wouldn't even care...
boulangere October 14, 2011
Yes, I've found the same, susan g. But it takes a long time to work back to the page where the comment was left in order to see that.
Greenstuff October 14, 2011
I had that yesterday. Today, I can barely get to the site. Next week, I'm anticipating that a lot of things will be smoother.
boulangere October 14, 2011
I sure hope so. The site was off-limits for most of the day for me, too. And load times have been 3 minutes and longer. I've taken to always having another screen on which to work while waiting for pages to load. This is like the dark days of dial-up.
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