Where is the Search section?

There used to be a "search" section in the foodpickle section to look for previous tagged questions. I dont want to ask a question that probably have answered, so I was trying to search tagged words/phrases but I can't find the search section anymore on the food52 homepage or hotline section?



happycao October 17, 2011
Ahhhhh! How could I have missed that, thank you!!
susan G. October 16, 2011
Having it on all pages is a big help. Is Blog included in Articles?

I also enjoy the new links at the bottom of the page to recipes, contests, etc.
Amanda H. October 16, 2011
The search box on the upper right hand corner of the pages has been reinstated on all pages -- glad to have it back!
drbabs October 16, 2011
Click on RECIPES. There's a search box in the upper left corner of that page.
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