How can I upload pictures now?

I can't see where to add any photos onto any of my recipes anymore. I also tried to go through the Edit my Recipe and don't get taken to another page to ask for an upload.



monkeymom October 16, 2011
Thanks all! Yes, I'm not seeing the button when I use either firefox or safari.
Peter October 16, 2011
The ability to go back and add photos to your recipe is at the very top of our to-do list. For some reason, the button is not appearing for everyone (it should be a green button on the recipe itself just below the photo.) I'm hoping to have it fixed early this week.

As far a the ability to add more than 1 photo at a time when creating a recipe, oops! Total oversight on our part. We'll add that to the list.
Bevi October 16, 2011
Thanks Peter.
Bevi October 16, 2011
Same problem here. I couldn't find any way to add a few photos to a recent recipe I submitted.
boulangere October 16, 2011
My experience, too. I could add one photo only to a new recipe, and none yet to existing recipes.
Kitchen B. October 16, 2011
When I uploaded a new recipe, there was an option to add a photo (but only one!). It was on the second page, once I'd entered the recipe and added the tags/categories. When I went to edit to add additional photos, I could not find a place to do so!
Sagegreen October 16, 2011
I share your problem! I was only able to upload one photo with my new recipe. When I went back to edit I did not see a way to either to add a new photo or even delete an old one. So I wonder if you can delete photos somehow? All part of learning a new system.
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