what is the alternative for muscovado sugar. In Cochin(India) I cant find muscovado



pauljoseph November 1, 2010
innoabrd they don't have may be I should ask somebody from USA to bring or I try with jaggery and sugar mix.Thank you all
innoabrd November 1, 2010
Here's a potential source for you. They're in Delhi, but could probably ship, or give you a contact in Kerala.

nutcakes October 31, 2010
They should be able to get jaggery which is a brown sugar with a strong taste.
innoabrd October 31, 2010
Even if you can't come up with any sort of brown sugar (my reccolection is that when we lived in Delhi we could not) you could use a white sugar and add some molasses.
Mr_Vittles October 29, 2010
To simulate moscovado sugar I usually dry out dark brown sugar giving it a similar texture. Since dark brown sugar has a lot of molasses in it it is very moist, drying it out gives it a crunchy texture and makes it an okay replacement for moscovado sugar. Simply line a baking pan with parchment paper, spread dark brown sugar over parchment, making sure it is spread in a relatively thin layer, then slide it into a 250 degree F oven for 10-15 minutes or until it is dry looking and crumbly.
Kayb October 29, 2010
I agree with nutcakes...use dark brown sugar, and add a bit of molasses. Or honey, in a pinch if you can't get molasses, although the taste will be slightly different. I'd figure about 3 tablespoons of molasses per cup of brown sugar.
nutcakes October 29, 2010
I am not familiar with the type of sugar that you have there in India. Tomorrow I can ask someone. Use a dark brown sticky sugar. Sugar is forgiving in this type of cake. Add a bit of molasses if you can get it. Usually you won't need it because you ought to have access to unrefinded sugar of the type I mention.But if you can't. do your known sugar with a bit of molasses.
pauljoseph October 29, 2010
nutcakes We want to make Frosted carrot cake from the recipe book The Big book of baking http://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Book-of-Baking/dp/1407539663
nutcakes October 29, 2010
Hi, it is an unrefined coarse brown sugar with a strong molasses taste. Perhaps jaggery is similar, but I haven't used it, I just saw it in an Indian market in the U.S. while shopping today. What are you making that calls for it? Maybe this link will help:
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