Recipe (and other) rotations

As the son and the daughter would say, they seem pretty "random." Cold Corn Soup, mid-October? Really? How are recipe rotations determined? And does the Front Burner need to be on the already crowded home page twice? Along with the last, as in not current, Community Picks? I'm truly sorry to seem cranky, but the home page makes me seriously cranky. Although at the moment I am loving not having that claustrophobic live feed running along the bottom of the screen. Please, oh, please give us a way to x it away!



boulangere October 17, 2011
Amanda, please believe me, I understand. But it seems there is a fine line between malfunctions your team wants to know about and those that are low priority. I truly cannot imagine the pressure your team is under. But as several have suggested, perhaps the entire user field didn't need to function as the beta test. But here we all are. We're all doing our best - your team and those loyal to the site. At some point, I am confident they'll intersect. In the meantime, information is everything. At the same time, I echo wssmom's question.
Amanda H. October 16, 2011
boulangere, as I've noted in past responses, our tech team has been working around the clock dealing with a serious site speed issue that came up unexpectedly after we relaunched. They are fixing smaller bugs as they can, but our home page rotation and the live feed strip are not that high on our priority list for now. Thanks for your patience.
wssmom October 16, 2011
Amanda what are you doing working at 10:45 p.m.on a Sunday night? You have a book tour coming up!!! Get some sleep!!! Sell many books!!
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