I am wanting to sweet-cure a fresh ham (dry cured). My questions is can you leave it in a fridge, with the temp turned up, for the 3-6 months required to cure? Or is there not enough air flow? I live in florida so there really isn't a basement option.



Mr_Vittles October 29, 2010
I have seen some people do this by covering their ham with a seasoning mixture and then wrapping it tightly with a bunch of cheese cloth. Changing the cheese cloth every other day prevents it from becoming too moist. I would say dry and keep it on the bottom shelf (not drawer) of your fridge to keep it from cross contaminating your other food.
beneandbear October 29, 2010
yeah I have a second fridge. I would love to know how to set up a curing chamber.
peanutbutteryum October 29, 2010
Do you have a second fridge? I have some some plans out there for a curing chamber out of a fridge. The key is to consider humidity. This can be accomplished by with a humidifier and hygrometer or filling a pan with highly salted water (so some salt won't sink to the bottom).
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