Storing quince jelly without canning jars?

I've been given a bunch of quinces that MUST be used in the next day or two, but I have no canning jars and no way to get any before the fruit goes bad. If I make quince jelly and store it in tupperware (I have glass and plastic), will it be okay? I assume it won't last as long, but that's not a big deal. I think I remember my grandmother setting hers in shallow baking pans, but any advice is appreciated!



vvvanessa October 19, 2011
you can freeze it. i've not yet learned to can, so when i make jam, i store it in small containers in the freezer.
mainecook61 October 19, 2011
If not hot canned with proper jar seals, jelly should be refrigerated or it will get mold eventually. The other thing is that if you have some serviceable non-canning glass jars (they would need to be able to handle boiling jelly poured into them), you could seal them with plain old melted paraffin, like grandma did and I have done. It does work if you make sure to get the hot paraffin onto all the edges for a tight seal. Paraffin is sold in hardware stores.
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