Can I use small mason jelly jars to cook a lemon souffle?

I saw your recipe in your Baking Cookbook with the soufflé cooked in small glass jars. I wanted to know how much to add to each jar and if I could use mason jars.

Todd Bezold


LeBec F. January 6, 2016
couple of thoughts. Typical Mason jars are too deep for a souffle which usually rises as high as the batter is deep ,below its paper collar. Buy some small ramekins at Pier One; they come in very handy for many things, i.e. mini creme brulees , souffles or pots de creme; dips; condiments; mini soups on a buffet........
Nancy January 6, 2016
Possible to bake in a mason jar, but there are several articles out there warning of dangers. For example, see:
Possible explosions, manufacturers don't warrant them for baking etc. They're cute, but on balance I go for caution on this one.
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