NOT all ingreidients are showing

Healthy Weeknight Pasta - when I am in edit mode I can see my greens listed, but they don't show up when I click "publish recipe"



Kristen M. October 25, 2011
Hi all, sorry about the ingredient scares -- have any of you had ingredients go missing and never show up again? If not, the lag might partly be a matter of caching, in which case just try to wait it out before committing to forehead-bashing. (And please, I beg: no Dexter spoilers -- I still need to catch up!)
sdebrango October 25, 2011
Have not had a problem posting comments, but ingredients go missing and then mysteriously show up. But have to admit another Dexter addict here!!! Love it one of the best shows on TV.
Panfusine October 25, 2011
A fuul moon wd mean a 2 week wait though.. you may get faster results by bugging the daylights out of Peter!
Bevi October 25, 2011
I would sacrifice my kids' 19 boxes of old stuffed animals in my basement if I could comment on anything besides the hotline! And aargersi, Dexter is very therapeutic in a very sick way - I am addicted.
Niknud October 25, 2011
I so love Dexter - just the right amount of creepiness! That and a glass of bourbon really cured my posting blues (you think I was kidding about that?).
Kristen M. October 25, 2011
Bevi -- are you still unable to leave comments elsewhere on Food52? If so, can you let us know where (recipes, articles, etc)? And what browser/operating system you're in?
aargersi October 25, 2011
I don't get showtime! Drat! The ingredients are all there now - on to trying to get the photo to load (banging head on table)
Niknud October 25, 2011
Have you thought about sacrificing a goat? I've heard that can produce good results (if done under a full moon).

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Niknud October 25, 2011
Me too...I edited that sucker into submission several times, left a couple of forehead shaped marks on the screen of my laptop, uttered several words that I will NOT repeat in front of my children, double-posted my recipe, poured a healthy glass of bourbon and went and watched an episode of Dexter. Those last two seemed to do the trick.
Panfusine October 25, 2011
The same thing happened to me last week, It initially wd not let me edit either but eventually the edit function became operational & I re added the ingredients.
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