What does it take to finish the pie? Isn't being in the cookbook enough?

cookbook finalists , contests, the finish line?

  • Posted by: dymnyno
  • October 26, 2011


wssmom October 26, 2011
That's one definition of infinity -- if they keep adding purple to half the remaining white space, that means it will never be complete!! LOL
Panfusine October 26, 2011
i was trying to avoid using the infinity term for fear of killing motivation!
Panfusine October 26, 2011
each time they add purple to half the remaining white space.. So even as the white turns purple, its asymptotic in its journey to completion..
SKK October 26, 2011
A big appetite?
fiveandspice October 26, 2011
With a big appetite you might start with a full pie and then really quickly find it's empty, and there are suspicious crumbs around your mouth! :)
susan G. October 26, 2011
Want a full pie? Go to work for FOOD52... In a very quick check, I see that Amanda and Kristen have complete pies -- gold stars, gold medals, full pies -- that's what you get when you have a full plate!
sarabclever October 26, 2011
You know, it's just a reminder unattainability of perfection, always something to strive for, the temporal nature of wordly goals. Very philosophical, really!

Meanwhile, I want that lemon tart!
drbabs October 26, 2011
LOL. Maybe the pie never gets finished! DON'T QUIT! I hate that you're even contemplating it. I made your lemon tart for my book group's FOOD52 launch party last night--I used Paule Caille's pie crust. It was a MAJOR hit.
dymnyno October 26, 2011
I was just musing. "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?"
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