Anyone have any experience with cuisine from St. Maartens? Most of my experience with Caribbean cuisine is with Puerto Rican food, and I've been told that aside from a few similar elements, the two cuisines are fairly different, though I have no idea if that's true or not. I've looked around online, but offerings on "St. Maartens cuisine" are pretty sparse. Any thoughts/recipes you could share would be great.. thanks a bunch!



campagnes November 1, 2010
Thanks all! These are great suggestions.. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. (not even getting into what I call MY pets.. har)
Midge November 1, 2010
It IS tasty, aargersi. I had it recently (over grilled fish) at a lunch to promote St.Martin tourism and oddly, even our hosts had no idea why its called sauce of the dog. It is funny what you end up calling pets sometimes. I won't even go into some of my cat's nicknames.
aargersi November 1, 2010
Midge that sounds really tasty! Is it wrong that one of our loving nicknames for our dog is "Fragrant Meat" ?? I know, sick, right? yet kind of funny!!!
Midge November 1, 2010
innoabrd-- chien is dog, true, and it is a curious name, but there aren't
any in the sauce, rest assured. Sorry about the link. Try this
aargersi November 1, 2010
St Maartens is half Dutch and half French - my cousins go there every Christmas and they say the food is better on the French side (that's kind of a gimme :-) I would think a carribean influenced French dish would fit the bill ... maybe up the spice, curry, tropical fruits, coconut, nutmeg, like that ....
innoabrd November 1, 2010
Um, isn't chien dog?

Link in Midge's post didn't work for me, so couldn't check...
Midge November 1, 2010
Sauce au Chien is big in St. Martin. Also, bbq is a big deal apparently.
nutcakes November 1, 2010
I think you will do better to search for Caribbean cuisine and "West Indies" cusine.
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