Best mail-order citrus source?

I had mediocre fruit last winter from a Florida mail-order orange grove. Can anyone recommend a reliably good supplier?



Lauren T. November 28, 2017
We order honeybells every year from Al's Family Farms, but the quality is less and less reliable. I've been wondering the same thing.
Anthony T. August 24, 2019
I have used Pell's in Osteen, fl. for years. Great friuit value.
Marina J. November 5, 2017
Stanley and Marina Jacobson grow organic orange and grapefruit and pick tree ripe from their small orchard and ship via UPS from Mission , Texas. sweet and delicious!
Marina J. November 5, 2017
Stanley and Marina Jacobson can reached at 9564005407 for harvest information
Marina J. November 5, 2020
great crop! Orange harvest starts early December
Marina J. November 5, 2020
the Jacobson's can be reached at 9564005407
usuba D. February 4, 2013
Hands down, Uncle Matt's Organic in Florida. No one has a great variety of the most sweet citrus, and it is grown without pesticides and other chemicals.
cratecooking February 4, 2013 is a great source to finding any type of produce that you'd like to order. You can read bios on the farms, and contact them directly. Every year I get ruby red grapefruits and page oranges from The Orange Shop in Citra, FL. They quite often offer free shipping, too. They pick the fruit on Saturdays or Sundays, and send it that Monday when in season. Absolutely delicious. I also get meyer lemons (and they threw in a few a kaffir limes this year!) from Lemon Ladies Orchard in Emerald Hills, CA.
Midge February 4, 2013
Thanks to you both. Was just about to ask the same question..Will try CC for gift I'm sending.
healthierkitchen October 31, 2011
I like Countryside Citrus in Indian River County, FL. ( They are a smaller grower than some, and I really love their ruby red grapefruit. We buy bags-ful whenever we are there! I have no connection to them other than having been a customer for years and years when down in Vero Beach. I have also ordered from them and been very happy as well.
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