I'm confused

I just saw a post on the home page about tasting something in conjunction with "this week's best fish recipe," or words to that effect. And now it's gone. The current contest just shows the Best Confections. Have I missed something?



cookinginvictoria October 29, 2011
Right. There doesn't appear to be a fish contest going on now. I think that must have been a contest that happened in the past. I believe that with the every other week schedule, the next contest will be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. FOOD52 editors, please correct me if I am wrong!
boulangere October 29, 2011
Thanks, civ!
Bevi October 30, 2011
I think that the site is regularly showing old contest winners to bring people who re recent joiners up to speed. On some other hotline question I think it was Amanda who mentioned that memberships are increasing. But I don't really know - just spouting my mouth off.
boulangere October 29, 2011
So I'm guessing that there is in fact no best fish recipe contest going on, right?
sdebrango October 29, 2011
Yesterday I thought I saw a wildcard winner, drbabs shirmp gumbo. It disappeared and I began doubting myself that I saw it. Maybe it was a wildcard before I don't remember that though, When you go to the recipe it does say its a wildcard winner. There is no date on testing notes from A&M if it was picked it disappeared as quickly as it popped up.
sdebrango October 29, 2011
Ignore I just searched the comments and saw it won a while ago why it popped up yesterday I don't know. Ignore
luvcookbooks October 29, 2011
I am just desperately missing my notifications on email... just after I started getting email on my Blackberry, I stopped getting notifications!
Also the cooks who follow me have disappeared, possibly forever ... I'll always have the memories!!

Overall, I understand why the site has been upgraded and have faith that the significant problems will be sorted out. I am ok with mixed food pickles as long as they can be searched/sorted better in the future.
nutcakes October 29, 2011
I'm confused about how to get site talk questions out of food talk question! I'm just about done with sorting through it! I went away for awhile bit it isn't different other than you can click a button when you ask, but not when you view, that I can see.
Sam1148 October 29, 2011
The site is still in flux after the redesign. I give them lack on that..as they're dealing with lots of thing right now..book launch, promotions, ipad app, etc..etc.
They'll get it straightened out eventually as the crowd sourcing of recipes/contests/suggestions are their major draw. Some buttons have been changed...and we're all confused until we get oriented. Some buttons are missing. (Oh edit button for hotline/pickle I miss you).
I have a great trust in the site owners and staff. But, Also sometimes on deploying a complete 'reboot' of a site causes chaos for old timers used to the old site.

Yes, I've experienced some navigation issues, some of which where recipes from way in the past, re posted on the front page and difficult to find when they were not featured.

On the home page..I've noticed they're going to the 'way machine' mentioning things that got hits in the past..and those seem to rotate. Sometimes there..sometimes not. Searching for those can be hard because sometimes they're not user recipes but in a different search tag for the site for 'featured' (something like that I remember...it's confusing to me too (g). ). It seems to be a another search tag you have to add..for 'blog' or something.

I consider the redesign a 'beta test' and our comments help them to make a better site.
SKK October 29, 2011
You have not missed anything - and you are not alone in your confusion. And I have no answer to the whims of this site.
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