Looking for the name of a previous contest

There was a contest on your best recipe away from home or in a hotel room a while ago. I would love to link to the contest page in a blog post I'm writing but can't remember what it was called. Thanks

Kitchen Butterfly


Kitchen B. September 6, 2011
@Pierino - we're on the same wavelength. I tried to do 2 courses......not that difficult at all in a hotel room but I also had a microwave to assist.

See http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_omh5NVW1jAg/Sovnq0utjGI/AAAAAAAABlw/gdCXjGLEh-g/s1600-h/hotel_room_cooking.jpg

It tells you how to cook a cheese sarnie on the base of a hot iron!
lorigoldsby September 6, 2011
I agree with Mrs. Larkin ! Index (alphabetized!) please, please.
mrslarkin September 6, 2011
Yes, we need a contest theme index, please! I'll type it up for you, if you don't have the time. :)
pierino September 5, 2011
I'd love to know the answer to this as I travel so much. On my bucket list is to cook a three course meal in a hotel room. I'm pretty sure I've got the equipment, like a portable induction burner. Housekeeping will hate me.
creamtea September 5, 2011
Kitchen Butterfly, you can click on the titles "Book One" and "Book Two" (2 lines beneath the "Food52" logo) and scroll through the weekly contests.
Kitchen B. September 5, 2011
Thanks everyone. I recently spent 5 days in a hotel (in transition during my international move) and spent a great deal of time seeing what I could cook up. And then I thought I remember a similar contest but now I'm no longer sure. It might have been your best home alone dinner.

I would love the editors to put out a list of all the contests that have been 'had'.....I know there is the photo spread but that doesn't say which contest the winners were in, unless you click on each one. Perhaps when tagging the photo, the contest theme could be included.

BTW I'm loving the fact that we can now paragraph and create spaces between blocks of text. Plus you can edit your pickles to correct spelling errors! Thank you editors
sdebrango September 5, 2011
There is one for your best home alone dinner. Not sure if thats it.
SKK September 5, 2011
http://www.food52.com/blog/category/109_the_contests/page/1 Go to this site and you can research all the contests. Good luck!
drbabs September 5, 2011
KB, I've been a member here since almost the beginning and I don't remember that one. (Although I think it's a cool idea.)

Here's the contests link: http://www.food52.com/contests
boulangere September 5, 2011
On the Contests page there used to be a tab for past contests, but I'm not seeing it now. Hopefully someone from food52 will have an answer.
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