We use agar agar for vegetarians and gelatin for non veg is that correct?Is gelatin veg or non-veg?



innoabrd November 2, 2010
And, keep in mind that most gelatin is not halaal, so if you are serving to muslims, you should avoid as well unless the gelatin is marked halaal. There is such a thing, we even got halaal gummy bears in Egypt!
Mr_Vittles November 2, 2010
Gelatin is semi natural product that uses the hoofs of horse and pigs. There are now gelatins that use plant byproducts so you may be able to find those. I would advise not to use any gelatin that does not specifically say, Vegetarian friendly, as it probably uses animal byproducts in it.
BethFalk November 2, 2010
Yep, gelatin is an animal product. Not just from hooves, but from pig and cow skin and bones. It's a form of collagen. Somewhat unpleasant, when you think about it.
Sunchowder November 2, 2010
Non-veg I believe. I think it is made from the hoofs of cows and pigs unless they have changed the process!
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