Sending messages to other cooks--is this feature working?

I used the "send me a message" feature to email two other Food52 cooks early last week and I don't think the messages went through. I got in touch with one of them via external email and she confirmed that she never received the message I sent through Food52.

Ms. T
  • Posted by: Ms. T
  • November 1, 2011


jasonjason March 22, 2012
Ahh, they were all in my spam folder. I had no idea I was supposed to look in my gmail.
Greenstuff March 22, 2012
Aaah, thank you, everyone. I'd communicated my problems with notifications (I'm getting a few but not getting a whole lot more). I hadn't thought about messages not getting through. You know what? I've come to like these site issues--it makes me appreciate the effort all the more.
jasonjason March 22, 2012
where on the site do you go to check your messages? i can't find any sort of inbox anywhere...
SKK March 22, 2012
Hey Jason, your messages will come to you via your email address you entered when you subscribed to Food52. To send a message you simply go to the cook's name and there is a tag to send. Hope this helps.
Panfusine November 2, 2011
I had the same issue, till Kristen asked me to check the spam folder.. & there were 3 messages sitting there,
Bevi November 1, 2011
I have sent messages and got no reply, and I am not receiving any notifications, or replies on recipes or articles where I have posted. Mac/Chrome or Safari
alexlutz November 2, 2011
Bevi, as Merrill said above, our developers are working on the notification and the 'send a message' feature problems which are technically related to each other. We hope to have a fix in place fairly soon.
Merrill S. November 1, 2011
We're still having trouble with some people not getting notifications, but we're working on it and are close, we think!
SKK November 1, 2011
Thanks, Merrill. I have been sending messages to cooks who always respond and am fairly certain they are not getting them.
Droplet November 1, 2011
Should we expect to "wake up to 3 feet of snow" in our inbox once it's resolved or would it simply start woking from a certain day on without going retroactive?
hardlikearmour November 1, 2011
Some people are getting messages (I am) but others are not.
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