wok or saute pan

For stir-frying, does it make much difference if you use a large saute pan vs. wok?

Which is better?

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SKK November 4, 2011
I have had woks and don't use them anymore because they take up too much space and an electric stove (which I have) doesn't work so great with them. My saute pan works great.
Helen's A. November 4, 2011
I agree with JessicaBakes. A wok is great for stir fry. If you are limited for space, however, go with a saute pan since it is more versatile in the long run.
JessicaBakes November 4, 2011
Woks are really good for having high heat at the bottom and lower heat as you go up the sides, so you can cook, say, your meat first and then push that up the sides and put some veggies down in the bottom, etc. With a saute pan, you can't do this but most everything else is relatively the same, in my opinion.
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