If you got a Christmas box from San Francisco....

what would you like? I've sent our coffee, chocolate, wine, citrus, a whole bunch of stuff. But what are my friends and family hoping I'll send this year?



lastnightsdinner November 9, 2011
All fantastic suggestions (especially the RG beans, which I adore - I love their Mexican oregano, chiles de arbol, and dried posole, too). The only other suggestion I'd make is a bottle of Junipero gin, Genevieve genever, or one of the styles of Old Potrero whiskey, all distilled by the folks at Anchor. Great products and they can be hard to find outside of the area :)
boulangere November 9, 2011
junipero gin, oh yes!!
Raquelita November 8, 2011
some of my favorite things to shop for when I was in sf visiting my brother were the asian specialty ingredients and kitchen tools I just couldn't get easily. i know a lot of those homegoods stores are terrible, but the little kitchen shops with all sizes of woks, steamers, molds, tools were just fabulous. ferry plaza market also had some interesting artisan food products (honeys, I think a rose petal sugar, Rancho Gordo beans)...sadly most of what i love there is perishable. Swenson's Fresh Banana ice cream, Humphrey Slocombe, burritos, Burma Superstar...
boulangere November 9, 2011
Oh yeah! Whenever I visit the daughter in Boulder or the son in Reno, I haunt the ethnic markets for staples I can't find here. And I always find a love note from the TSA informing me that my checked bag has been inspected by hand.
Angela @. November 8, 2011
Anchor Steam beer or Holiday Ale ... goes great with crab!
AntoniaJames November 8, 2011
June Taylor's Organic Ketchup is the best thing she sells! Yes, giving ketchup as a gift does sound a bit odd, but trust me on this one. If I lived elsewhere and wanted something special from the Bay Area, I'd ask for 750 ml bottles of red and white wine vinegar from the Oak Barrel wine making store in Berkeley. It's my favorite local food product!! (I buy it by the four liter jug. It's so good. Probably not everybody's idea of a great holiday gift, though, I know.) ;o)
Greenstuff November 8, 2011
Maybe not ketchup...but the vinegar idea is great! Thx. Or maybe vinegar making kits for everyone!
Greenstuff November 8, 2011
Wow, do we ever think alike! You can stop by anytime and you'll find plenty of Acme bread, Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, and Frog Hollow products to eat while you look at my copy of the Steins Collect catalog and plan what else we should eat from the Zuni cookbook! Meanwhile, the air-freighted crab idea could be about to make my family very happy! Thanks, guys.
nutcakes November 8, 2011
Maybe repeats here but crab, wine, McEvoy and other Artisan olive oils, a lemon olive oil. I can't see shipping the bread but yeah, Acme baguettes.Vella aged jack cheese (incredible!), Humbolt Fog goat. I don't have the

Zuni Cafe Cookbook! Dang I ate there reom the very first year, it did change from the early years but always love it. Are there ary recent notable books out from SF cooks? Oh, what about food52 books?

June Taylor Jams, HELLO!! I think her frutcake is supposed to be great and it is in the shop on Food52.

Frog Hollow peaches or conserves. Rancho Gordo beans. Richetti chocolates, omg. I get a lot of this stuff if I want, I suppose but a gift would be nice.
dymnyno November 8, 2011
Yes! Vella aged jack cheese is great and travels well. It's coated with unsweetened cocoa which you really can't taste, but it looks wonderful and there isn't a rind to cut off. Rancho Gordo beans are a great gift...they are the freshest available.
Greenstuff November 8, 2011
I once sent my sister-in-law a box PACKED with Rancho Gordo beans. Beautiful and delicious!
AntoniaJames November 9, 2011
Greenstuff, have you tried any of the heirloom beans sold at Markethall Produce? The scarlet runner beans there now are, to my mind, even better than any Rancho Gordo bean. MP sources their heirloom beans from independent local suppliers (though one or two of them may come from Washington, if memory serves me). Just FYI. ;o)
dymnyno November 7, 2011
The Cowgirl Creamery cheeses and Farmstead cheeses have become quite famous and they are delicious. Books from the San Francisco Modern Art Museum are beautiful and are fabulous gifts and they have a website as well as a great gift shop at the Museum.
dymnyno November 7, 2011
And, depending on where your gifts are going, there are fabulous catalogues of exhibits that are traveling , like the Stein Collection show , which is incredible and will be in NY next year.
sdebrango November 7, 2011
Any of the above sound wonderful, i would love a bottle of dymnyno's wine plus a bottle of her olive oil.
boulangere November 7, 2011
Oh, good Lori! Let's see, I'm thinking about what I miss most about SF. The bread is way up on the list, especially if it's from Acme Bread, which technically isn't in the city, but . . . . There's dymnyno's wine, because you can say you "know" the winemaker. Lots of great cheeses are locally produced. It's crab season, so can you find someone who overnights fresh crab the way so many markets in Seattle ship salmon? I'd be thrilled to find a couple of crabs and a loaf of great bread on my doorstep. Along with a bag of Peet's French Roast (decaf!). My address is . . . . .
lorigoldsby November 8, 2011
We need to check out some cheap flights...can u imagine a food52er showing up on your doorstep with a basket of fresh crabs and sourdough bread? Heavenly meal with wonderful conversation!
lorigoldsby November 7, 2011
The sourdough bread?
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