Random poll for curiosity's sake: Who dislikes coffee flavored desserts?

Aside from me, of course. I drink coffee with milk, but I can't stand coffee with sugar in it. Same with desserts, because the coffee and the sweet is an awful combination to me. I will put coffee in savory things like chile and rubs. I can take a tiny bit of coffee flavor in a chocolate cake, where it is barely noticable, if at all.



Greenstuff April 29, 2011
I'm reminded of another twist on the coffee experience. My husband of many years never drank coffee. Until recently. I know lots of people who have given it up, but he's the only one to take it on (relatively) late in life. He says it's because coffee in the US used to be so bad. He's just realized that what I drink is a lot different from the stuff that sat in office urns for hours. But as for desserts, I'd be reluctant to spring a coffee one on him. I think he's more of a fruit guy.
lorigoldsby April 29, 2011
I don't think mcd2 and I will "balance" the coffee dessert lovers out there...but I don't like coffee. LOVE the smell, tried every version. I think it's the acidity? I love tea, all flavors, even the darker, stouty teas...but not a single beer either...hmm although I will cook with beer, I never, ever cook with coffee.
mcd2 April 28, 2011
just to balance the responses, i don't like coffee desserts. but i don't like tannins apparently because i dislike tea, coffee, beer etc. takes all kinds!
drbabs April 28, 2011
I love coffee and I love coffee desserts. I also love coffee in savory dishes. Sorry, nutcakes.
amysarah April 28, 2011
I drink my coffee black, or in the morning, with just milk. Occasionally, I accidentally take a gulp from my husband's cup - who uses sugar - and the sweet coffee taste is always a shock. (Somehow the hot coffee/sugar combo kind of makes me gag.)

And yet - I love coffee desserts. Coffee ice cream, anything chocolate/coffee, and especially a good granita di caffe. Go figure.
nutcakes April 28, 2011
I don't like coffee ice cream either. I thought those who liked coffee desserts would be in the minority. Mrs. Larkin I do like tea and drink it regularly - no sugar please, not in iced tea either. I do like sweets, though.
pierino April 28, 2011
Bring on the coffee gelato!
MrsKeller April 28, 2011
Love 'em with a cup of black coffee!
Aimless April 28, 2011
coffee ice cream is one of my favorites. Fundamentally, a sweet is nicely balanced by the bitter edge of coffee's flavor.
ChefJune April 28, 2011
I drink my coffee black, but I also love coffee flavored desserts. the Ritz Hotel's famous coffee parfait tops my list of favorites.
Greenstuff April 28, 2011
I liked coffee-flavored desserts before I knew that they were coffee flavored and way before I would have considered drinking a cup of coffee. I think I was four or five when a Belgian friend of the family served a cake that was hauntingly and memorably delicious. It was her remarkable coffee frosting. That said, when I was a teenager and just starting to try coffee as a morning beverage, I never liked it until I took a hint from an uncle--do NOT use sugar.
sarah K. April 28, 2011
Coffee was verboten to me growing up, so once I decided I could have it if I wanted, all bets were off! I used to tell myself that I hated just the smell, and couldn't imagine anyone really liking it, but all that's changed now, though I can't take it very strong, and if it's black, it just tastes like charcoal to me. So coffee flavored desserts are magical.
mrslarkin April 28, 2011
me neither! I think my mother put coffee in my baby bottle. (just kidding.) But she DID put caffe latte in my Charlie Brown thermos in 3rd grade, so I could dunk my biscotti. :)

Nutcakes, do you like tea??
takeanonion April 28, 2011
coffee ice cream is delicious, as is very cold, slightly sweet iced-coffee with real cream –especially when it is humid and hot
sdebrango April 28, 2011
Nor I
boulangere April 28, 2011
Not I!
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