Any non Asian recipe for bitter melon(Gourd) ?

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betteirene November 4, 2010
How about a recipe from a different part of Asia? This one is from the Philippines. My mother would make this--it's sort of like the omelet Mr_Vittles wrote about. My mother would also slice it an put it into soups. It definitely takes a lot of practice to learn to like it.

I know that it's a part of Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, too, but they cook it in a way that's similar to Asian cooking--oil, garlic, turmeric, sometimes tomatoes.
Mr_Vittles November 4, 2010
Have you tried it mixed into an omelet? I know it sounds a little weird, but that is how I first tried bitter melon. With a little ketchup on the side, it is a nice way to eat it when you are new to the fruit. Have you tried it carpaccio style? With thinly sliced bitter melon sprinkled with minced garlic, rice vinegar, and sesame oil, my friend made this for me and I liked it a lot.
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