Best way to flavor toffee

I'm experimenting with toffee recipes to make for christmas gifts. I have a great recipe for regular english toffee but I'd like to make some orange pecan toffee. I've seen people put candied orange peel on top of regular toffee, but I'd really like to flavor the candy itself. I was thinking about adding either a little bit of orange oil or substituting orange juice (maybe concentrate?) for the water. Any ideas or suggestions for other flavors I could try? If you think orange oil is a good idea, how much should I use to flavor two pounds of toffee?



Droplet November 12, 2011
I wouldn't recommend using citrus juice in place of water for toffee because acid affects the way sugar behaves in candy. You are likely to end up with a chewy as opposed to crunchy "toffee". You could try pulverizing some dried citrus peel and adding that in.
amandaruth November 12, 2011
Thanks! I hadn't considered how the acid would affect it and I definitely want it to be crunchy. It looks like zest is the way to go.
lorigoldsby November 12, 2011
Instead of orange juice, consider the juice of fresh tangerines or tangelos....they are more flavorful than oranges. The zest of the tangerine has a lot of oil in it. You could put some of the zest into the chocolate covering on top ( assuming you add chocolate )
amandaruth November 12, 2011
That's a really good idea. I do prefer tangerines to oranges.
francesca G. November 12, 2011
Why not sprinkle some toasted almonds over it? Or, infuse the cream with rosemary or thyme? Savory/sweet. You could also do wonders with fleur de sel ...
amandaruth November 12, 2011
Ooh, I like the idea of rosemary infused toffee.
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