Rice Bran Oil

Have you had luck baking with rice bran oil? What recommendations do you have for success?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • November 14, 2011


beyondcelery November 15, 2011
I've never heard of this! Where'd you get it, SKK?
SKK November 15, 2011
My daughter came home from the restaurant she is baking at and told me that all they use is rice bran oil. I read about it on line and wondered if anyone had real time experience with it. It seems very healthy. Would love to have your thoughts on this, Syronai.
beyondcelery November 15, 2011
Do you know where to buy it? I'm thinking about working on a pumpkin strudel for Thanksgiving (gluten-free), so now I'm tempted to get this and use it in that.
ellenj November 14, 2011
I bought some lightly salted roasted cashews today. They were roasted with rice bran oil. I had never heard of rice bran oil before and now I've seen it referenced twice in one day.
Kitchen B. November 15, 2011
The law of attraction....to rice bran oil, me thinks
Kitchen B. November 14, 2011
I've baked severally with rice bran oil - in recipes that call for oil. Nothing out of the ordinary - I've made cakes and muffins. What I often used it for though was deep frying.
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