Help! Upcoming tapas potluck @ work. Want to wow coworkers w/ only a fridge & microwave.

Every month we have a themed potluck at work- I pushed hard for tapas because I love it and I love to cook. Now we're doing it and I want to go all out and impress. I would be willing to do 2-3 dishes. The challenge is that everything has to be pre-made and preferably served cold, because all we have at work is a fridge, a toaster, and a microwave. Ideally I would make it the night before and bring straight to work in the morning. There is NEVER any good protein at these potlucks, so I would love to bring chorizo and/or shrimp. I'd like to do patatas bravas somehow or tortilla espanola. Help! Any ideas or guidance?

  • Posted by: AAK
  • November 15, 2011


lorigoldsby November 16, 2011
If you want to serve something warm...can you bring a pancake griddle with you? Right now with the holiday sales you can pick one up for $10-20, and just keep it there. You can cook on it, then turn it to "warm" and use as a warming tray.
amysarah November 16, 2011
As has been mentioned, tortilla is best served at room temp. Piquillos stuffed with goat cheese can also be room temp; stuffed with salt cod (like brandade) are also classic and should work made ahead and quickly re-warmed in microwave.

My favorite is Spanish Romesco Sauce - so addictive and very traditional in Catalonia on practically everything. It's very often paired with seafood - so if you want to do shrimp, I imagine you could steam them ahead, then serve them cold with the room temp sauce. Add some simple toasts to slather the sauce on and it's a feast.

There are endless Romesco recipes, but this is a good, classic one:
AAK November 16, 2011
Romesco is BRILLIANT. I'm going to do exactly that.
Summer O. November 16, 2011
I would do the tortilla you mention, is typically stored and served at room temp so no problem there. You could also do manchego/quice skewers, piquillo peppers stuffed with cheese and sherry vinegar, sherried mushrooms at room temp, pulpo salad. Good luck and let us know ow it goes.
AAK November 16, 2011
I totally forgot about piquillos! Thank you! Manchego/Quince is an awesome idea, too.
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What about ceviche, olive tapanade, and maybe a spicy meatball of sorts.
I don't have recipes but all of these things are relatively easy to make, with protein included, and you can get creative. Hope that helps.
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