Help! On freezing salmon and steak

So we have a bit of a Gift of the Maji situation here. I bought lovely grass fed steak to make for our anniversary dinner tonight (and some wild sockeye too! it's a party, after all) and my lovely manfriend of 7 dreamy years had planned to surprise me (he tells me now) by taking me out. I work for the next 3 nights straight, so the meat wouldn't be cooked forever if we don't eat it tonight. Can i freeze the meats or should I cook them and have them in the fridge? How should i freeze them (i.e. how should I wrap them). Thank you!

Miranda Rake


Sam1148 June 13, 2012
When we buy two steaks for two people. I cut them in the half before cooking. So we get 4 meals out of them. If I freeze one..I'll put it in the 'fridge in morning and then it's still kinda frozen at night but perfect for slicing thinly to make a stir fry in the wok for two at night. (Onions, ginger, garlic, carrots, celery, snow peas, broccoli and oyster sauce and the meat)
We eat rather small portions of meats here. YMMV.
inpatskitchen June 13, 2012
Hi Miranda! Just a note to let you know not to keep the salmon frozen for too long...if you can, try to cook it right after your 3 day working late nights... the steak can handle a much longer freeze.
Miranda R. June 13, 2012
Thank you both so much! I just wanted to be sure I wrapped them properly, and it's good to know that you've had success with freezing salmon, that was definitely the one I was more nervous about.
Rachel S. June 13, 2012
I agree with Janet... Also, what a lovely problem to have! Enjoy your anniversary dinner(s)! :)
JanetFL June 13, 2012
P.S. Happy Anniversary!
JanetFL June 13, 2012
Miranda, I just finished freezing numerous salmon fillets and have frozen steaks in the past. I always wrap them first in plastic wrap (such as Cling Wrap) and then place them in freezer bags (such as Zip-Loc). Although I always love fresh-not-frozen the best, I haven't had any problems with this freezer method.
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