Food52 contest has inspired me to make candy at home ... any suggestions for a candy thermometer that works safely and well. Thanks!

  • Posted by: allie
  • October 18, 2010


Nancy B. November 3, 2010
Thanks everyone! Just used the old trusty Taylor clip on thermometer (no probe, no digital read out, or beep alerting me to my desired temperature) and as long as I'm willing to stand there for the last 30 minutes, that one seems to be most accurate.
thirschfeld October 18, 2010
here are some reviews.
allie October 18, 2010
Thank you!
foodfighter October 18, 2010
Also, I have a thermapen and I just did a marathon batch of donuts and found the polder probe thermometer I mentioned to be extremely well calibrated (i.e. within a degree F)
foodfighter October 18, 2010
I have a Polder probe thermometer for roasting. However, it comes with a clip that allows you to use it for deep frying and candy. It was about 20 bucks. Similar to this one
AntoniaJames October 18, 2010
I love the combo deep fry / candy thermometer Mr T picked up for me at Sur La Table for under $15 not too long ago (after I broke my old one by dropping it onto our super hard kitchen floor). It has a nice long, angled clip on it. Very well designed. ;o)
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