What are your creative Thanksgiving leftover plans this year?

I just made my miso porridge with leftover kabocha squash puree, and I think it might be the best oatmeal I've ever had. Would love to hear from the rest of the Food52 community!



arielleclementine November 27, 2011
Fun thread! We had WinnieAb's amazing turkey pho last night. We'll also have sweet potato/black bean/goat cheese chalupas, and tacos with a sauce inspired by aargersi's barbacoa marinade with pickled onions. Excited!
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Turkey enchiladas. After a few days of eating the Thanksgiving meal as leftovers and the relatively consistent palette notes of all those dishes, the spice of the enchilada sauce is a welcome change.
mensaque November 27, 2011
"Sopa de entulhos",the brazilian way to get rid of all leftovers at once...The translation would be "Debris Soup" but it doens't make it sound any good,does it?You just take everything you have in the fridge that's just laying there (in this case:mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes corn,turkey and even gravy).It all goes into the biggest pot you can find.Then you just add some water (if you're using something with a tasty sauce already) ,or tomatoe sauce,or a broth,add some white rice or noodles to cook in and there you have it!And for the turkey,nothing better than cold white and dark meat on french bread with a bit of yellow mustard!
Suzanne D. November 27, 2011
We have left over home made cranberry sauce. So my favorite leftover dish is making Belgian waffles and topping it off with the chunky flavorful homemade cranberry sauce and a little whip cream :)
gingerroot November 27, 2011
Last night I made a shepherds pie similar to the one AJ described. Tonight, we had one of our favorite leftover recipes, a turkey stew that is a kind of picadillo, served over leftover mashed potatoes. It is based on a Bon Appetit recipe. I also made a raw kale salad that was delicious, with fresh orange juice and leftover fresh cranberry relish, ricotta salata and toasted sliced almonds. Tomorrow is my favorite post-turkey meal - turkey congee or jook with all kinds of pickles and vegetables for garnish.
This I. November 26, 2011
My husband's fave is leftover tamale/chorizo stuffing topped with smoked turkey, fried eggs and homemade red chile.
AntoniaJames November 26, 2011
Not wildly creative but worth mentioning . . . my son has had melissav's chorizo, mushroom and sweet potato stuffing with a couple of fried eggs on top, twice in the past 2 days. Tonight I'm making a shepherd's pie with leftover turkey, Brussels sprouts and gravy with sauteed mushrooms, carrots, celery and herbs mixed in, topped with leftover mashed potatoes into which I'll stir a cup of leftover fresh ricotta. ;o)
meganvt01 November 26, 2011
Potato croquettes from left over mashed!
vrunka November 26, 2011
I just made some turkey empanadas with scraps of leftover pastry crust and diced turkey. I added some cumin and chili pepper to the turkey -- yum! I also made a ton of stock, of course, and am looking forward to many soups to come.
lorigoldsby November 26, 2011
We will make turkey tortilla soup with fire roasted tomatoes and dill tonight then turkey pastilla with phyllo dough, currants and almonds tomorrow as we are having "friendsgiving" tonight. Had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with the daughter's boyfriend's family....but no leftovers until we make some tonight!
inpatskitchen November 26, 2011
I'm making a turkey (with a little ham) tetrazzini tonight...it's an adaptation of one served at a now long gone restaurant around here. Years ago the owner passed along his chicken tetrazzini to my mom..simply delicious!
happycao November 27, 2011
woah what is a tetrazzini? Sounds fanncy
inpatskitchen November 27, 2011
Not fancy at all...chicken or turkey, a little ham , Sherry, tomato, chicken broth, etc over pasta..I'll post the recipe later today
Taiyyaba November 26, 2011
I want to try some kind of muffuletta - ive got a dry, crusty ciabatta that I think I'll soak with gravy and pile stuff into it!
aargersi November 26, 2011
I am planning a miso turkey soup, and the Food and Wine email has a good looking turkey shepherd's pie that I may try. Also thinking about a turkey pot pie. And maybe turkey lentils? We have roasted and smoked leftover - we are phat with turkey!!!!
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