Top Five Favorite Foods

Five foods you just can not live without..."Only five?!",you may ask;but there lies the cruelty--hence the fun!!!I'm feeling mean today,hahaha!

  • Posted by: mensaque
  • November 27, 2011


Miafoodie December 1, 2011
Today I would say my favorites are:
Sadassa_Ulna December 1, 2011
choc. chip cookies (per my take on Tollhouse: less butter, less chips, more brown sugar than white, extra vanilla)
mango (pref. the small yellow "champagne" type) - or raspberries, pineapple, peaches, or pears
home fries with onion and red peppers, some parmesan on that
chicken tikka masala
TheWimpyVegetarian December 1, 2011
Depends on the season. But here goes: yogurt (this is a two-fer: frozen or for breakfast); strawberries; chocolate; eggs; greens and if I can have an alternate in case one of these gets sick, then it's pasta. Or bacon.
Greenstuff November 30, 2011
Lobster, foie gras, Armagnac (is that in a major food group?), mushrooms I've picked for myself, artichokes. Oh, dang it, we're already up to five!
SKK November 30, 2011
Greenstuff, I am here to relieve you of the burden of your choices. Wine, liquor, Armagnac are not currently considered food groups. So you can add another favorite.
Greenstuff December 1, 2011
Okay, oysters. But you do know that beer is food?
SKK November 30, 2011
This is subject to change at the writer's discretion:
Eggs - organic from the farmers I know
Chilis with heat
skittle November 30, 2011
2. Great bread
5.Peanut butter
bugbitten November 30, 2011
Jacques Pepin says he is asked this question all the time. His answer is "Really good bread with really good butter." I'm always happy when he sees things my way. I wonder how he would rate my second favorite, salty Dutch pretzels with whole chocolate milk?
mrslarkin November 29, 2011
figs, chocolate, salt, coffee, baked goods!
luvcookbooks November 29, 2011
quince, raspberries, watermelon, coffee, rice and beans
(that's today, anyway- can I answer again tomorrow?)
Bevi November 28, 2011
pasta, potatoes, a crispy roast duck, cheese, and caramelized onions
beyondcelery November 28, 2011
Avocado, pears, chocolate, quinoa, eggs. If I'm allowed 6, hazelnuts are on my short list!
benjamin November 28, 2011
almonds, avocados, eggs, sardines, wine
bigpan November 27, 2011
Potato, bacon, chocolate, eggs, and chicken - not necessarily in that order.
inpatskitchen November 27, 2011
Pasta, clams. shrimp, good bread and a rare steak ( oh and lots of garlic and olive oil!)
pierino November 27, 2011
Foie gras (take that you PETA sissies), white truffles, butter (good butter), french onion soup, good olive oil, a crisp baguette straight from the oven at 6:00 a.m. , porcini mushrooms, charcuterie of all types, kimchi, sea urchin, oysters.
Panfusine November 27, 2011
bread, potatoes, rice, lentils, cheese
drbabs November 27, 2011
mensaque, you crack me up.

OK, here goes:
1. Cheese.
2. Eggs. My go-to food.
3. Fruit. Life without bananas? Peaches? Clementines? Lemons? Unimaginable.
4. Bread/crackers. Low carb diet? Kill me.
5. Seafood: primarily shrimp, and most fish. Seriously, when I was single, one of my friends wanted to fix me up with someone who kept kosher, and I wouldn't go out with him because I didn't want to give up shrimp.

Oh, and just in case we can add more, I'll take ice cream and pasta.
mensaque November 27, 2011
What if he was the one?I guess you eventually met the love of your life...forget I said anything!hahaha!
drbabs November 27, 2011
How could he be the one if he wouldn't eat shrimp?
drbabs November 27, 2011
Oh, and I forgot cookies!
sdebrango November 27, 2011
Had to really think about this, I wish I could say lettuce and some sort of vegetable were on my top five list but alas. its all either sweet or starchy. Freshly baked bread with gobs of salted butter (is that 2?) mashed potatoes (made with butter and sour cream),roasted chicken, chocolate, cereal. I might swap ice cream for the roasted chicken.
mensaque November 27, 2011
I'll take bread and butter as one and let you have ice cream and chicken...afterall we're all cheating! It's impossible to pick only five!!!
sdebrango November 27, 2011
boulangere November 27, 2011
This actually took some thought. Pasta; my favorite go-to for quick food, comfort food, good flavors and textures. And yeah, I'd agree with rice; I use it in many forms in many ways. Eggs, farm-fresh; for cooking, for baking. Garlic and onions; members of the same family. Caviar; not often, but when it's available, it's just the thing. Now can I post another five?
mensaque November 27, 2011
I'll give you five more if you give me ice cream potatoes,bread,cookies and as long as we're cheating,sea food--in wich I will include caviar...looove it,but it's the opposite to rice:99 out of 100 brazilian hate it!
boulangere November 29, 2011
OK, yes, take back the ice cream. Take your potatoes, and lump bread and cookies into one group since they're all essentially baked goods, and quite brilliant to group caviar with seafood - nicely done! So give me the next five of olive oil, sesame oil, fish sauce, sambal olek, and Parmesan cheese.
mensaque November 27, 2011
For me it has always been:1)Chocolate...I'm a 'chocoaholic' and there's no cure! 2)Red meat...rare or medium rare,bloody,wet,red meat...huuummmm!It's almost a good vampire story,you know? 3)Cheese...the smell of melting cheese alone could feed me for a week. 4)Rice.From 100 brazilian people,I garantee you at least 99 will have it on their list. 5)I'm torned between ice cream and fruit.Caught in my own trap!Oh,the irony!...I guess I'll have to say fruit!Sometimes I just have to have the freshness of a grape or strawberry in my mouth,the texture,the fruit's juices,,,well,it's getting sexual again...
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