can anyone recommend a soda water maker? online reviews are too hot and cold, I trust this group.

  • Posted by: soozbooz
  • November 28, 2011


susan G. November 28, 2011
I don't usually echo another good answer, but here it is! After about 2 years, we still love the Soda Stream and use it constantly. When there was a summer drink contest, I felt great about trying new combinations and posting a couple. I'm happy to hear Midge's experience with their service, if we ever need it. The design is so simple that we should be using it for a long time.
Midge November 28, 2011
To add to the sodastream chorus, my 3-year-old penguin was leaking gas CO2 and they replaced it for free.
Sam1148 November 28, 2011
I have a sodastream, it has a permanent place on the counter top. At the time the only model available locally was the "Penguin" sodastream. Now, they are other options.
The penguin model uses glass bottles...a bit more pricy and more elegant form factor. Williams Sonoma stocks those.
Cheaper models as the "pure" mentioned above are available online or at Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Macy's..etc. With a BB&B 20precent off coupon it's a good buy. They use plastic bottles which need to be replaced after certain amount of time. The recharge CO2 canisters are about 14 bucks and make 60 liters of soda exchange the empty at Customer Service at BB&B.
I love my Penguin model and it's used every week.
I've had several soda siphons over the years and the sodastream makes the best sodawater you can adjust how many 'pushes' of injecting gas to the water to your taste.
Kristen M. November 28, 2011
We're fans of the SodaStream Pure -- Amanda even came up with 3 new seltzer drinks when she got hers:
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