Tips for using a combination steam oven

Hi! I just moved into my new home and my condo’s kitchen is outfitted with a Gaggenau combi-steam oven. I am a fairly competent home cook, but have never used such an appliance. Any suggestions, beyond reading the owner’s manual, for using this intriguing appliance? Recommendations for cookware…suggestions for “starter” recipes…cautionary tale? Thanks!

Alice Anne Barbo


Happygoin May 3, 2022
Yes, lucky you! From breads to pizza and hard rolls. All will have great crusts with that oven.
Alice A. May 3, 2022
Now that’s exciting!
702551 May 2, 2022
The Gaggenau website has a handful of recipes for the combi-steam oven:

The one I expected to see was the baguette recipe. Professional bakeries use special ovens with steam injection to help form the crust. The usual home cook hack is to put a tray of hot water in the bottom of a standard residential oven.

A bunch of the suggested recipes are pretty typical dishes (roast turkey) where the convection feature is arguably more important than the steam feature. I expect the steam feature to be more useful for baking, particularly breads.

There shouldn't be any special requirements for unusual cookware. Ovens in European homes often have the convection feature and the main difference is a lower temperature (usually 20 °C) when the fan is on (there is usually no time difference).

Enjoy your new oven!
Alice A. May 2, 2022
Thanks so much!
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