Remodeling kitchen, do I go for the Thermador Steam over, plus a oven? Or go for the Thermador Double oven?

I definitely need two ovens - but wondering if I would make a mistake by going/not going with a steam oven.

Sarah Yaffa


cranberry March 18, 2016
I've opted for a combi steam oven and a convection oven. Mine are not installed yet, so I can't comment on performance (and they are a different brand so it may be different anyway.) You may want to research it on the gardenweb appliance advice forum. That is a better info source for appliances. (sorry food 52!) I liked what I saw at the dealer demo with regard to cooking results, and I liked that it's a smaller oven similar to what you'd get with a 48" range, but in the wall.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 18, 2016
Hi Sarah - I found an older thread on steam ovens that might help:
Sarah Y. March 18, 2016
Thank you! I did see that. However, that thread is from 4 years ago and I'm sure there are some updated opinions :)

Hopefully we get some new feedback!
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