Just heard about 'Korarima' (Ethiopian Cardamom) for the first time ever..anyone know where I could buy some?

Wikipedia is pretty sketchy about the details



AntoniaJames April 7, 2017
panfusine, did you ever find the Korarima and if so, where, and more importantly, what is it like? Details, please. Thank you. ;o)
Nancy April 7, 2017
Also, how close to regular (black or green) cardamon does it taste?
Manoj K. July 4, 2013
you can buy from m/s S.S.Impex, new delhi (India) do call at 00919999998451, or mail him at [email protected]
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I too feel you can find it out in kalustyans or did u try whole foods.
Panfusine December 2, 2011
I'll give Kalustyans a go, the next time I'm in NY Thanks so much Ecava
ECava December 2, 2011
Not sure if you're in NYC, but my go-to spice resources here are: Kalustyan's, Sahadi's and Manhattan Fruit Exchange. If you're not here & don't want to order online, I'm happy to check around and see if I can buy & ship some to you. :)
vrunka December 1, 2011
Ooh, very interesting. I love Ethiopian food, but I've never heard of this spice before.

I found just one source on-line which sells it both whole and ground (as well as ton of other interesting sounding spices):

But the downside is that you have to buy a fairly large quantity (8 ounces or more) which may be more than you want to commit to spice you've never tried before. If you have an Ethiopian restaurant nearby, I recommend stopping in and asking them if they have a source.

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