Does "parchment lid" mean to place parchment over then pot and then place the lid of the pot over the parchment to secure it? sorry if this should...

... be obvious. thanks!

Hunter's-Style Chicken
Recipe question for: Hunter's-Style Chicken


Tarragon December 4, 2011
thanks lastnightsdinner! I just removed the pot lid, leaving only parchment as I hurrybto the link . . . . Thanks!
lastnightsdinner December 4, 2011
Hi Tarragon - you do not need to use the pot lid for this. Basically, the parchment lid will keep the pot partially covered, while allowing some of the steam to escape and the sauce to cook down. I think I put a link in to Michael Ruhlman's explanation of the parchment lid - either in the recipe notes or the comments - but since I don't recall off hand, here it is again.

I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy the dish!
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