The best thing to happen to cooking since recipes.

(Not)Recipes for iOS is the only app to tap into the smart, spontaneous cooking really happening in people's homes—and show how it's done.

(Spoiler alert: Most of the time, they're not using recipes.)

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Inspiration at a Glance

Real-time snapshots with quick, helpful descriptions—not just of what people are cooking, but how.


A Community for the Food-Obsessed

You can be that person who only posts about food here. (We all are.)


Dive Deep

Learn more about cooking topics you care about by searching ingredients or diving into hashtags like #breakfast, #cocktails… #breakfastcocktails? Sure!


Food-Friendly Filters

Inspired by food personalities we admire like Julia, Mario, Bourdain, and friends. Designed to make your food look great.


Lighter than Your Cookbook Library!

Favorite (Not)Recipes for handy reference (and grocery shopping) later.

Fancy technology alert: Ingredients are automatically detected in captions.


Get Started with (Not)Recipes

And kiss that cooking rut goodbye. We can't wait to cook with you!

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