Marvelous Weekday Mushrooms

April 10, 2011
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We cook with mushrooms often because they are a great meatless option, they can be cooked quickly and they have lots of flavor - especially if you make a mixed variety. But, just like everything, they do have a season. Mushrooms are at their best during the spring and fall months, when we tend to have the most amount of rain. In the spring, morels are the most popularly hunted variety here in the U.S., but there are lots of other wild varieties that can be found at the grocery store or at farmers' market. —Loulies

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  1. For an easy dinner, why not simply saute mushrooms with butter, fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt, then wrap then in a hot corn tortilla and serve them with shredded monterey jack, wedges of lime, chopped cilantro, fresh salsa made of finely chopped onion, tomato and jalapeno, and homemade mexican crema (one part each sour cream and heavy cream, plus salt to taste)?
  2. Tip to clean: Rinse mushrooms quickly under cold water, but do not soak (the mushrooms will act like a sponge and become watery for cooking). Plan to cook mushrooms soon after buying; the wild varieties do not last long, even in the refrigerator.
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