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roasted apricots, proscuitto, balsamic vinegar & wood sorrel

July  6, 2011
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  • Serves 2
Author Notes

my friend popped round a fortnight past, unexpected, and wholly ravenous beside. there is no ambiguity that her state was by design. i made her this salad.

have a look. —fo

What You'll Need
  • 4 slices parma ham, you know, prosciutto
  • two poofs of mizuna
  • two apricots
  • a bit of honey
  • a fistful of pinenuts
  • a cup of not so expensive balsamic vin
  • and olive oil, to be sure
  • wood sorrel, its a weed, there are clusters of the stuff in your lawn
  1. first, get the balsamic vinegar in a pot. nothing too fancy or expensive, yeah? just your run of the mill. over medium heat, reduce down to a glaze that will cover the back of a spoon. set aside.
  2. quarter the apricots, then drizzle with honey, and give a light toss. get them under the broiler, and keep a watchful eye. click on pic 5 to see what they look like successfully roasted. set aside
  3. while the apricots are roasting, toast your pine nuts till tan. about 7 minutes ought to do the trick.
  4. mizuna. in a bowl. toss with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, and pepper if you please.
  5. artfully plate like this: lay down the parma ham, all devil-may-care-like. now on with the mizuna greens. sprinkle with nuts, arrange the fruit, and drizzle the mess with the vinegar like j. pollock would, mindful not to overindulge. this glaze packs a powerful bite. be sure to shower with some of the sorrel, it's such a whimsical green! Et voila! Muzuna, les abricots et jamb de cochon!

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Recipe by: fo

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Sagegreen July 8, 2011
Love mizuna and with roasted apricots....great ideas!
fo July 9, 2011
thanks, sage green!
fo July 7, 2011
yes. this was one of those impromptu salads with 'stuff' i had on hand. we do love our larders stuffed full, no?
I love that you roasted the apricots! I've grilled them for a salad with great success and imagine they're wonderful roasted. And with honey...oh yum.