Orzo salad with corn, basil and red pepper

August 3, 2011
Orzo salad with corn, basil and red pepper

Author Notes: this is basically made from my two favorite things, fresh corn on the cob and orzo. You can really add anything you want that is left over or fresh from your garden. I cook a cup of orzo in chicken broth after sauteeing it with some onion. I then let it cool. Put it in a bowl with olive oil. I cut the corn off 2 ears of corn. Add that in the bowl with chopped red pepper, chopped fresh basil, may be some feta or blue cheese. You can use your favorite vinegarette recipe. Or do like I do. Shake a flavored vinegar, blueberry with fresh blueberries, huckleberry with fresh huckleberries, or just some red wine vinegar and some greek seasoning. Its fabulous cold accompanying any BBQ, fish, meat or chicken.slutskya

Serves: four


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