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Roasted Roots Mac N Cheese

September 25, 2011
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  • Serves 1 9x9 casserole
Author Notes

I make my mac-n-cheese the casserole way, with eggs binding it, so it can be baked and cut into squares. I also often put stuff in it, in this case, roasted roots and fresh rosemary, which are a perfect pair for the sharp and smoky cheeses. We are pretending that it is cool and crisp outside while we eat it ... well maybe someday that part will come true. —aargersi

What You'll Need
  • 2 parsnips - peeled and in a smallish dice
  • 1 small sweet potato - peeled and diced the same size
  • 2 small turnips - peel and dice the same size (you should have a total 2 cups diced roots)
  • 4 cloves garlic - still in the paper
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 large sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 cup (dry) elbow macaroni
  • 1 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup shredded smoked cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 eggs
  • butter for the pan
  1. Heat the oven to 375. Toss the roots, garlic and rosemary with the olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and roast on a sheet pan until they are tender and just getting crispy. Remove the rosemary - some needles will stay with the roots - that's OK. Turn the oven down to 350.
  2. Meanwhile boil the macaroni in salted water until it is on the dente side of al dente, and butter a 9x9 baking dish. Mix the two cheeses.
  3. Squeeze the roasted garlic out of the paper and mash it, then whisk it with the eggs and milk. Toss the roots and macaroni together. Put 1/3 of the mixture in the dish, then 1/3 of the cheese. Repeat with the remaining mac and roots and cheese so you have three layers, ending with cheese. Pour the milk egg and garlic mix over the macaroni, then gently press down with a spatula or a big spoon. Bake until it is golden and crispy on the edges.
  4. Let it cool for around 10 minutes before you dig in.

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Recipe by: aargersi

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18 Reviews

SKK October 16, 2011
Well, it is cold and rainy here in Seattle. And my daughter just moved back from 5 years in San Antonio is freezing. Just searching for mac and cheese recipes and found this. Looks delicious - dinner tonight!
CandaceKaru October 1, 2011
Love the root veggies added to this amazing preparation. Can't wait to try it!
Meatballs&Milkshakes September 30, 2011
Yum! I'm a sucker for mac and cheese, definitely going to have to try this!
gingerroot September 27, 2011
Yum, I love everything about this!! When I make this, I'll have to pretend it is crisp and cool out as well, since we never get very cool (though also don't get as hot as you).
mrslarkin September 27, 2011
oh yum. looks crazy-good, aargersi! crank that a/c, open the freezer, and watch this while yer chowin' down:
aargersi September 27, 2011
HaHa! Well, truth be know - we have an electric fireplace! It looks real enough that people who don't know have been seen trying to warm their buns in front of it. So we might to could pull this off.
AmyW September 27, 2011
Too bad my Mister won't allow "nip" veggies in the house. I would love me a pan of this Mac 'n' Cheese!
aargersi September 27, 2011
:-) I made Mr L a nip-less side car - maybe you could do that???
Midge September 26, 2011
This looks sooo tasty. Wish I could send you some cool weather!
aargersi September 26, 2011
Thanks Midge - me too! We hit 105 yesterday, it's crazy!!!
AntoniaJames September 25, 2011
Love your tag on this! As well as the recipe. ;o)
wssmom September 25, 2011
Woohoo!! I bet even the Spouse would like this! (And I love the little iron casserole pan, so CUTE!!!)
aargersi September 26, 2011
Thanks wssmom - I have a bit of a thing for cute lil pans, and bowls, and such. Makes for crowded cabinets!
EmilyC September 25, 2011
Oh yum! I'll bet this is a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables! : )
Niknud September 25, 2011
Smoked cheddar? Yahtzee!
hardlikearmour September 25, 2011
LOL! wouldn't understand. It's the time when it's cold and rainy or snowy and you want something warm and cheesy in your belly.
hardlikearmour September 25, 2011
Yum! This sounds like total winter comfort food to me.
aargersi September 25, 2011
What's winter? :-)